Cafes scenes Inspiration

Over the past few years, I’ve painted several outdoor cafe scenes. It started with empty tables, filled with interesting shapes and colors inviting diners to come and partake. Over time I started adding people into the scenes, moments in time of fellowship captured.

I’m drawn to these scenes as they really invite one to slow down, unwind, take time to enjoy a meal, friends, and the world around us at an unhurried pace.

I’ve been looking back and feel an irony coming out in these scenes. (A personal irony, that most times I was too busy rushing around photographing scenes for future use that I didn’t take the time to slow down at the moment and enjoy them first hand.) And a cultural irony, we were all so busy with our lives that often rest, refueling was put off. (The tables remained empty, as people were too busy to stop) And then 2020 hit. Plans canceled, events delayed, life forcing us to slow down, and we found we had the time to take in a meal, but another obstacle prevented us from gathering.

So I find myself questioning how can we be intentional with connecting meaningfully with others regardless of circumstances? The cafe scenes show that longing for refreshment that comes from good food and connecting with others. 


See available cafe paintings here.

Below are cafe scenes that have found forever homes: (reproductions available here.)

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